Perlick 545 Rebuild

I use Perlick 545s on my kegerator and I am a huge fan of them functionally.  It is great to have the ability to serve 2 volume to 3.5 volume beer and not have to change anything in my kegerator except rotate the flow control on the 545.  They also provide a nice smooth pour and the forward closing setup does work to prevent sticking.  The issue is they use a pretty complex design which, in general, usually leads to reliability issues and these are no different.  The have a tendency to leak if anything goes wrong – a little bit of hop matter gets in there, the pressure is a bit high, if the wind blows from the west etc…  A good cleaning and swapping o-rings if any are damaged usually does the trick.   That said, there are 8 billion o-rings so I finally decided to figure out what size o-rings are used so I can buy them in bulk rather than way overpaying.  I do the same thing for keg rebuilds and have saved a bunch of money over the years.  Also, Perlick seems to only sell a subset of the o-rings – the ones in the bonnet, the one in the front that actually controls beer flow and the coupling gasket.  the 3 o-rings that are part of the flow control assembly don’t appear anywhere on their website from what I can tell.So, I measured all the o-rings with digital calipers and have ordered 100 packs of all of them so I’m good for a while (forever?).  Here is my partlist from McMaster Carr:
Buna-N O-Ring, AS568A Dash Number 014, packs of 100
Buna-N O-Ring, AS568A Dash Number 204, packs of 100
Buna-N O-Ring, AS568A Dash Number 012, packs of 100
Buna-N O-Ring, AS568A Dash Number 015, packs of 100
Metric Buna-N O-Ring, 2.5 mm Width, 10 mm ID, packs of 100
And here is where they all go:

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  1. In regards to the perlick 525 rebuild o-ring sizes, which 3 did you find actually work? The 9452K58 is well known but what about the internal O-ring and the coupler gasket?

    1. hey shawn…sorry for the delay. i updated the picture so it and the text should have the up to date parts. to be honest, i finally got so fed up with these faucets i replaced them with the new generation perlicks (6XX -> 630SS x 2 for me) and they have been totally rock solid with not a single issue.

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