Schwarzbier 3v conical 1

Pretty similar approach to NHC this year as last year. I assumed I’d get at most 5 beers (and I did get 5 for Tampa) so the plan was to brew the same 5 beers as last year. 3 made it to the finals last year (Schwarzbier, Vienna and Weizen)and 1 medaled (2nd for Weizen). The five are Schwarzbier, Vienna, Best Bitter, Cal Common and Weizen. They have all made it to finals one year or another (I think – maybe not the Cal Common?) and I really enjoy drinking all of them and they fit nicely into a schedule where I have enough ferment space. Lagers first into my two conicals. Then two ales into the two conicals after I rack the lagers to keg for lagering. Then the hefe into a carboy since I don’t need to cold crash it and i bottle condition it with speise.

No real changes to this recipe from last year other than having to scale it up from 4 gallons into a 6 gallon carboy to now about 6.5 gallons into a 7 gallon (it holds about 8 gallons) conical. That and I went back to Weyermann. Two years ago I won gold with this recipe with all Weyermann and last year I made it to the finals but switched to Best Malz since that was all I could get from my brew shop. Beer seemed good but didn’t do as well so back to Weyermann.

Only other change was i started a new yeast starter process. I now assume 90billion cells per white labs pouch. i calculate the yeast cells in need in Brewers Tool Belt (I’m on the app store! 🙂 ) . i always do a 1L starter which with 100g of DME grows ~100 billion cells so i subtract 100 billion cells from what I need. I then divide whats left by 90 to see how many pouches I need.
Example: for this beer I calculated I needed 425 billions cells. Subtract 100 billion to get 325 billion. Divide that by 90 and round up to 4 so I pitched 4 pouches of WLP830 into a 1L starter with 100g of DME (and a pinch of yeast nutrient 🙂 and put that on the stir plate for 48 hours. the idea is that i trust white labs to have happy healthy yeast, i just want to wake it up and get it ready to go to pitch. I also don’t want to have to decant the pitch and a 1L starter i’m good with putting in the whole thing.

Recipe Info
Recipe: schwarzbier 3v conical 1
Style: Schwarzbier 8B BJCP 2015
Date: 01-03-2018

RecipeGuideline MinGuideline Max

Brewery Info
Efficiency: 73 %
Attenuation: 78 %

Mash Info
Weight: 17.1 Lbs
Thickness: 1.25 Qt per Lb
Deadspace: 2.0 G
Strikewater: 7.34 G
Volume: 8.71 G
Temp: 150.0 F

Boil Info
Kettle Gravity: 1.043
Predicted Mash Run-off: 5.81 G
Target Starting Boil Volume: 10.5 G
Boil Duration: 60 min
Evaporation Rate: 1.5 G per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 9.0 G


Weight% by WeightNameYieldSRM
10.350 Lb61.0 %Pilsner (Weyermann)80.01.8
5.175 Lb30.0 %Munich, Light (Weyermann)78.06.0
0.900 Lb5.0 %blackprinz65.0500.0
0.675 Lb4.0 %Caramel 40L (Briess)75.040.0


0.9 OzMagnum14.160 minsBoil29.0
0.7 OzHallertau Mittelfrüh4.115 minsBoil3.0
0.7 OzHallertau Mittelfrüh4.15 minsBoil1.0


0.500 LGerman Lager White Labs WLP830


1.000 tabletWhirlfloc Tablet15 minsBoil
1.000 tspYeast Nutrient (Wyeast)10 minsBoil

Predicted Mash Ph: 5.51


Mash Water
Total Water Treated: 30.284 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 8.000 G

Mash Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 4.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g

Sparge Water
Leftover Mash Water Used: Yes
Total Water Treated: 6.500 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 6.500 G

Sparge Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 2.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g


150f 60 mins
168f 10 mins

3 weeks at 50f
4 weeks lagering

Carb to 2.4 volumes

12/24/18 4 pouches of WLP830 into a 1L starter with 100g DME to target 425 billion cells
12/26/18 normal 3 Vessel Brewday.
pitched all of 1L starter at 48F
raised to 49F @ 10pm
12/27/18 @noon slow steady bubbling. raised to 50F
12/30/18 slow steady bubbling
12/31/18 bubbling is slowing
1/1/19 happy new years! ~10 sec for bubbling
1/20/19 racked to keg for lagering
sample tasted really good. no issues. FG 1.014
2/23/19 added gelatin. 30 psi overnight to kick off carb

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