Brewers Tool Belt

Brewers Tool Belt iTunes Preview
Version 2.0:
New features:
+BTB is now free!!! The only current limitation is that you can only have 3 recipes in your recipe list. To go above 3 requires an In App Purchase. All purchasers of the version 1 for fee app will get this In App Purchase for free. This should happen automatically.
+Copying Recipes – just left swipe on a recipe in your recipe list and press “Copy” and it will make a full copy of your recipe and add “COPY” to the end of the name.
+Scaling Recipes – you can now scale a recipe to a new final boil volume with options on what to scale. If you get a recipe from a friend which ends at 6 gallons and you want to scale it to end with 10 gallons it now just takes a few taps to do it. Just click the “Scale” button in the Overview section in your recipe
Version 1.3:
More more more!!!
-Water (pH and Ion adjustment) in Recipes
-User Profile
-New fields in Recipes to improve workflow
-minor bug fixes
With version 1.3, there is now a Water section in Recipes where you can see your pH and Ion levels throughout the brewing process and adjust your Mash and Sparge additions to get your pH and Ions where you want.  Big Thank You to Kai Troester (Braukaiser) and D. Mark Riffe for their work in this area.  The math behind this tool is based on their findings.
Here is a video going over the details:

User Profile:
In order to make it faster to use the tools within BTB, I have added a User Profile section.  Now your preferred settings are set by default for the various tools and can be injected into new recipes.
Here is a video going over the details:

Version 1.2:
More new features!
-Email Recipe in Print Friendly HTML
-Email Recipe as BeerXML attachment
-Additional new field (Kettle Gravity)
-Extensive Error Checking with user feedback
Now you can easily print or share your recipes. Just email in a nice printable format or BeerXML. With BeerXML, you can import it into many desktop and web based recipe tools such as BeerSmith, BeerTools Pro, BrewToad and BrewersFriend.
Here are images of the new Email features:
email_button email_select
email_html email_beerxml
Version 1.1:
With this new release of Brewers Tool Belt, I have added Recipes which allows for complete recipe formulation
+Includes General Settings( like Style ), Mash, Boil, Fermentables, Hops, Yeast, Misc and Notes
+Extensive Ingredient Databases
+Clean work flow that makes recipe creation easy and fast
+Long term storage was added so Recipes are saved
+Full Metric and Standard based measurement support which allows for easy flipping back and forth between the two
Here is a video going over the details:

Version 1.0:
The first release of Brewers Tool Belt (aka BTB)!  It’s been months and months of work so I’m super excited to get BTB out the door.  The idea behind BTB is to have an app on your phone that allows you to very quickly make calculations while brewing or doing normal on-going work in your brewhouse without having to do tedious hand calculations or break-out your laptop.  All the 1.0 tools are ones that I had already written for Brewdesign  and just needed to port to IOS (ie XCode + Swift2).  The BTB 1.0 tools include:
Gravity Adjustment:
The scenario driving the Gravity Adjustment tool is that you have finished sparging, you are heating up to a boil and you have taken gravity and volume measurements and you want to see if you are going to hit your Original Gravity (OG) at the end of the boil.  More importantly, if you are going to miss, how much are you going to miss by and what are you options for adjusting to the proper gravity.  Here is a video showing it in use:

Bitterness Adjustment: 
If you have to adjust your volume to correct your gravity then that can cause your bittering level to be off.  For example, lets say you expect to finish with 6 gallons of wort but you have to dilute it with a gallon of water because your efficiency was higher than expected.  Now you have 7 gallons instead of 6 which means your alpha acid would be off by ~15%.  So if you were targeting 50 IBUs, you would now have 43 IBUs.  The Bitterness Adjustment tool allows you quickly calculate a bittering addition to make up for your lost IBUs.  Here is a video showing it in use:

Forced Carbonation:
Just a quick calculator to determine what to set your CO2 pressure to to achieve proper carbonation for forced carbonation beers.  Here is a video showing it in use:

Bottle Carbonation:
Often times I don’t get the amount of beer into the bottling bucket I expected (damn fruit addition!) so this tool is designed to quickly calculate the amount of fermentable needed to get the right carbonation levels in your bottled beers.  Here is a video showing it in use:

Yeast Starter:
I have used most of the yeast starter calculators out there and I wasn’t super comfortable with some of the results I was getting so I started to do some research.  Thankfully Kai Troester (aka Braukaiser) has done some awesome work on the subject and so I decided to build my own calculator based off of his findings. Here is a video showing it in use:

Please share any thoughts or feedback.  I really want to hear what you think and any ideas you have on how to improve Brewers Tool Belt.  Please use this contact page.  I’m happy to email directly but I use this page as the initial contact to keep spammers at bay.
Of course there are a million things I’d like to do but I’ll likely start with adding the other tools that I built for Brewdesign.  My next target is the Recipe tool and the Water Adjustment tool (Ions and pH).  If you have input on what tools you’d like to see added, please let me know!