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Blonde Ale 3V 1

I took a long break from brewing to totally remake the cold side in my brewery and move to conicals.  For this I build a glycol loop which I thought would take a month or two but ended up taking four :). For the first beer on the new conicals I wanted to do something really simple and light to pick up on any flaws.  Also, I had won a bunch of ingredients this year including a 50+ lb sack of Cargill 2 row and 2 pounds of Loral hops.  Seemed like a good time to do a SMASH of those two and do a Blonde but with Session IPA level hopping of just Loral.
Recipe Info
Recipe: blonde 3v 1
Style: Blonde Ale 18A BJCP 2015
Date: 09-10-2018

Recipe Guideline Min Guideline Max
OG 1.051 1.038 1.054
FG 1.011 1.008 1.013
Color 3.7 3.0 6.0
ABV 5.2 3.8 5.5
IBU 34.0 15.0 28.0

Brewery Info
Efficiency: 72 %
Attenuation: 78 %
Mash Info
Weight: 19.0 Lbs
Thickness: 1.25 Qt per Lb
Deadspace: 2.0 G
Strikewater: 7.94 G
Volume: 9.46 G
Temp: 150.0 F
Boil Info
Kettle Gravity: 1.044
Predicted Mash Run-off: 6.23 G
Target Starting Boil Volume: 11.5 G
Boil Duration: 60 min
Evaporation Rate: 1.5 G per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 10.0 G

Weight % by Weight Name Yield SRM
19.000 Lb 100.0 % Pale Malt – 2 Row (Cargill) 80.0 2.0


Weight Name AAU Time Use IBUs
0.5 Oz Loral 11.0 60 mins Boil 11.0
1.5 Oz Loral 11.0 10 mins Boil 12.0
2.0 Oz Loral 11.0 15 mins Aroma 11.0
2.0 Oz Loral 11.0 3.0 days Dry Hop 0.0


Amount Name
1.000 unit Wyeast 1318 London Ale III


Amount Name Time Use
0.500 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Wyeast) 10 mins Boil

Predicted Mash Ph: 5.49

Ca Mg Na Cl So Bicarbonate
Water 7 3 21 30 24 30
Mash 61 3 21 30 153 30
Sparge 68 3 21 30 171 30
Final 97 4 32 45 242 45
Target 75 0 0 0 0 0

Target Profile Name: standard
Mash Water
Total Water Treated: 30.284 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 8.000 G
Mash Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 7.0 g
Lactic Acid: 5.0 ml @ 88.000 %
Sparge Water
Leftover Mash Water Used: Yes
Total Water Treated: 7.000 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 7.000 G
Sparge Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 7.0 g
Pitch at 67 and hold for 3 days. Raise 1 degree a day to 73 and hold through 2 weeks.
Collect yeast
Dry hop for 3 days
Cold crash
Drop hops
Rack to keg and carb to 2.5 vol
9/17/18 1.1L 110g DME starter of yeast 1318 London ale III
9/18/18 normal 3V brewery but used new conical for first time.  No issues.
pitched @ 2:45 pm
9/19/18 @ 6am strong bubbling
9/20/18 steady bubbling
9/21/18 strong bubbling
9/22/18 ~7 sec raised to 68F
9/23/18 ~13 sec raised to 69F in morning and 70F in evening
9/27/18 very limited bubbling
10/2/18 plan was to harvest yeast for next beer but I ran off yeast using block and blow and I dumped waiting for yeast to go creamy and next thing I now I’m dropping beer.  likely b/c I had not cold crashed and I dropped a bunch of yeast.  dry hopped
10/5/18 set temp to 35F for cold crash
10/8/18 dropped trubb.  wanted to rack to but immediately clogged dip tube.  purged racking can but checked with brewery friends and said the cold crash for 2 days, dump the trub, then crash for another 2 days, then dump trub as well as racking arm and if that looks clean then they rack to keg otherwise wait 2 more days and repeat until it looks good but rarely more than 4-6 days total.
10/10/18 dropped bottom valve again and lots o trub.  thick.  ran off racking arm valve.  pretty clean so racked to keg @ 3 psi with no issue.  got a full 5 gallons which I was able to gauge by just looking at the condensation on the outside of the keg.  ran off the rest from racking valve and had just under a gallon.  beer seems good.  a hair of rubber in the nose?  we will see.  put in keezer @ 30 psi for 24 hours then dropped to 12 psi and put on draft
10/16/18 tasted good.  very hazy.  not a loral fan.  very floral and boring.
10/21/18 well made beer with no issues.  kinda boring.  Cargill 2 row really has very little flavor.  loral’s description of “super noble” is kinda right.  herbal but also has some berry notes and big floral / rose / geranial notes.  berry could be from the London ale III.  really nice frothy head.  still very hazy even after being on draft for a few weeks.  definitely looks like a hazy IPA.  gypsum character is good.  right where I would want it for a German pils.  verdict -> Cargill 2 row is fine if you want a totally blank canvas.  not good for single malt beer.  loral is not great.  wouldn’t use it again.  London ale III is great for hazy IPA.  I don’t like it otherwise.  its ester character is not to my liking.  too much berry notes.