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Hop Fu 3V Conical v1_0

hop fu 3V conical v1_0

Brewed 12/22/21
taking the hop creep lesson from my last few beers and applying them to a west coast style ipa. i used the hop fu recipe as inspiration. it is from kelsey mcnair and won the american ipa and double ipa categories many times. my lesson is things change and i really don’t like crystal malt in this beer. so next time i’ll just go 2row and sugar for the malt bill. i like the way these hops come across so i’ll likely use something similar but may up the amounts a bit since it is a little reserved in this one.


OG1.0661.056 – 1.070
FG1.0141.008 – 1.014
Color6.96.0 – 14.0
ABV6.75.5 – 7.5
IBU106.040.0 – 70.0


Recipe Name: hop fu 3V conical v1_0

Author: hommel

Style Guide: BJCP 2021

Style: American IPA

Efficiency: 69.0 %

Attenuation: 78.0 %


Weight: 26.75 Lb

Thickness: 1.25 Quarts per Pound

Deadspace: 2.00 G

Strike Water: 10.36 G

Mash Volume: 12.50 G

Mash Steps

TypeTempTimeNameThicknessWater Added AmountWater Added Temperature
Infusion152.00 F60.0 Minsmash in0.00.00 G32.00 F
Direct Heat169.00 F10.0 Minsmash out0.0NANA


Predicted Mash Run-off: 7.96 G

Target Starting Boil Volume: 12.00 G

Target Starting Boil Gravity: 1.057

Final Volume: 10.50 G

Boil Duration: 60.00 Minutes

Evaporation Rate: 1.50 Gallons per Hour


OG: 1.066 Style: 1.056 – 1.070
Color: 6.9 Style: 6.0 – 14.0

25.00 Lbs93.5Rahr 2-row American Malt
1.00 Lbs3.7Briess Carapils Malt
0.75 Lbs2.8simpsons medium crystal


IBU: 106.0 Style: 40.0 – 70.0

Boil60.0 Mins2.00 Oz13.0German Magnum
Boil30.0 Mins1.00 Oz16.0CTZ
Boil10.0 Mins1.00 Oz9.5Amarillo
Boil10.0 Mins1.00 Oz10.0Simcoe
Whirlpool20.0 Mins1.00 Oz16.0CTZ
Whirlpool20.0 Mins1.00 Oz10.0Simcoe
Whirlpool20.0 Mins1.00 Oz9.0Centennial
Whirlpool20.0 Mins1.00 Oz9.5Amarillo
Whirlpool20.0 Mins1.00 Oz12.0Citra
Dry Hop3.0 Days1.00 Oz9.5Amarillo
Dry Hop3.0 Days1.00 Oz16.0CTZ
Dry Hop3.0 Days1.00 Oz12.0Citra
Dry Hop3.0 Days1.00 Oz9.5Simcoe
Dry Hop3.0 Days1.00 Oz9.5Centennial


AmountFormLaboratoryNameProduct ID
200.0 mLSlurryWhite LabsLondon FogWLP066


1.0tspYeast Nutrient (Wyeast)Boil10.0


Mash pH: 5.48

Final Ions
Calcium: 61.72 ppmMagnesium: 3.00 ppm
Sodium: 21.00 ppmChloride: 54.27 ppm
Sulfate: 122.22 ppmBicarbonate: 30.00 ppm

Water Profile

Calcium: 7.00 ppmMagnesium: 3.00 ppm
Sodium: 21.00 ppmChloride: 30.00 ppm
Sulfate: 24.00 ppmBicarbonate: 30.00 ppm

Mash Addition

Mash Water

Total Treated: 10.50 G

Percent RO or Distilled: 0.00 %

Total Used In Mash: 10.50 G

Mash Salts
Gypsum: 7.00 gCalciumChloride: 2.00 g
Mash Acid
Phosphoric Acid:Lactic Acid: 5.00 mL 88.00 %
Acid Malt:

Sparge Addition

Sparge Water

Total Treated:

Percent RO or Distilled:

Total Used In Sparge:

Sparge Salts
Gypsum: 3.00 gCalciumChloride: 1.00 g
Sparge Acid
Phosphoric Acid:Lactic Acid:


primary68.00 F14.0 days45 sec at 2L
cold crash35.00 F3.0 days
Notes: harvest yeast at end of three days and then dry hop
dry hop35.00 F3.0 days
lager35.00 F7.0 days
Notes: drop hops every 2 days till no significant hops left. then rack to keg


Brewing Notes:
12/21/21 1L starter w/ 50mL slurry (low) from last beer
12/22/21 normal 3V brewday. no issues.
12/23/21 rockin’
12/24/21 slowed a hair but still strong steady bubbilng
12/25/21 “
12/26/21 ~2 sec
12/27/21 ~3 sec
12/28/21 ~4 sec
1/2/21 ~8 sec
1/3/21 ~10 sec
1/4/21 ~18 sec
1/5/21 FG 1.020 (a bit higher than expected)
DTest cold: clean warm: clean 🙂
cold crash to 35F
1/8/21 collected yeast and dry hopped
1/11/21 dropped cone
1/13/21 dropped cone. still lots of hops so one more drop at minimum
1/15/21 dropped cone. very little hops. cleared racking arm and racked to keg. ~4.5G keg 1 and ~1.5G keg 2

1/23/22 side by side with wicked weed pernicious
Aroma: WW -> very little malt flavor. maybe just a bit of cracker. hop aroma is mostly citrus – grapefruit
Mine: clean with a bit of generic sweetness and a hint of caramel. hop aroma is citrus – orange/grapefruit and maybe a hint of strawberry

Appearance: WW straw. nice big head. med clarity.
Mine: deep gold/light copper. ok head. med clarity

Flavor: WW: clean low cracker. citrus grapefruit and low dank/herbal
Mine: Clean with low caramel and a slight sweeter impression than WW. citrus with some herbal/dank notes

Mouthfeel: WW dry w/ solid carb
Mine: Med. not as dry and lower carb

Overall: WW nice clean dry example of a west coast IPA.
Mine: bitterness level is right.
Remove Caramel Malt. bad for flavor, aroma and appearance
Change yeast to finish dryer. Cal Ale or Dry British
Hop aroma and flavor is good but need to amp it up a bit. maybe up hops by 50%
So a good start but definitely needs grain, yeast and hop tweeks.

1/31/22 the beer finally dropped pretty clear. this really improved the beer. the color is actually pretty nice. the copper color looked really ugly when hazy but clear it has a nice gold tint. also, the hops pop really nice once the beer cleaned up a bit. also i didn’t force carb at high pressure, i just put it on serving pressure so it took a while for the carb to really come up and i think the full carb helps with the beer as well. so 2 weeks cold and carbonating for this beer really helped.