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Helles 3v v2

Time to do a run of lagers for my imaginary brewery Grid. Similar to last Helles I brewed that turned out really well with just some minor tweaks of the hops.

Recipe Info
Recipe: helles 3v conical 2
Style: Munich Helles 4A BJCP 2015
Date: 07-08-2020

RecipeGuideline MinGuideline Max

Brewery Info
Efficiency: 72 %
Attenuation: 78 %

Mash Info
Weight: 17.9 Lbs
Thickness: 1.25 Qt per Lb
Deadspace: 2.0 G
Strikewater: 7.59 G
Volume: 9.03 G
Temp: 150.0 F

Boil Info
Kettle Gravity: 1.042
Predicted Mash Run-off: 5.99 G
Target Starting Boil Volume: 11.0 G
Boil Duration: 60 min
Evaporation Rate: 1.5 G per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 9.5 G


Weight% by WeightNameYieldSRM
16.500 Lb92.0 %Pilsen (best malz)78.31.5
1.400 Lb8.0 %Munich Dark (BestMälz)76.112.7


0.7 OzMagnum14.460 minsBoil22.0
1.0 OzHallertau Mittelfrüh4.115 minsBoil4.0


2.000 unitsGerman Lager White Labs WLP830


1.000 tabletWhirlfloc Tablet15 minsBoil
1.000 tspYeast Nutrient (Wyeast)10 minsBoil

Predicted Mash Ph: 5.43


Water Profile Name: 
Target Profile Name: standard

Mash Water
Total Water Treated: 30.284 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 8.000 G

Mash Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 4.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g
Lactic Acid: 6.0 ml @ 88.000 %

Sparge Water
Leftover Mash Water Used: Yes
Total Water Treated: 6.750 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 6.750 G

Sparge Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 4.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g


Mash 150f 60 mins
169 10 mins 

Pitch at 48f
Raise to 50f over 24 hrs
Hold 2 weeks
Raise to 60 over 48 hrs
Hold through 3 weeks
Lager 1 month

Carb to 2.5-2.6 vols

8/12/20 1.5L 2 pouch starter
8/14/20 normal 3v brew day. pitched @ 2pm EST
8/15/20 8am no activity, 8pm no activity
8/16/20 8am slow steady bubbling. raised from 49F to 50F
8/17/20 steady bubbling but not strong
8/18/20 picked up just a little. steadier bubbling.
8/19-22/20 slow steady bubbling
8/23/20 ~3 sec
8/24/20 ~5 sec
8/25/20 ~9 sec
8/26/20 ~11 sec
8/27/20 ~17 sec
8/28/20 no bubbling. raised to 60F. after warm up ~11sec
8/29-31/20 no bubbling
9/2/20 FG 1.014 tastes really good. clean.
9/4/20 FG 1.014 no change. diacetyl test – cold: clean, warm: clean 🙂
cold crash to 35F to harvest yeast
9/6/20 harvested yeast and only got 100mL 🙁
will need to let cold crash longer next time since I got plenty last helles but that was with a 9 day cold crash.
will need to grow this up for the next beer.
racked to keg & forced carb @ 30psi
tastes really good. hazy still.
5G to keg and ~2gallons left over which i can keg next time.
9/9/20 put on draft
9/12/20 just starting to clear up but still hazy
9/16/20 starting to get really good but still a little hazy. starting to see through it.
9/19/20 pretty clear. just a bit of haze.
9/21/20 pretty clear. really good. so seems a 2 week lager is good.
9/23/20 really getting good. not crystal clear but good clarity
9/27/20 dropped clear ~3 weeks of lagering
10/4/20 totally crystal clear ~4 weeks of lagering

really nice beer and best to put on draft around week 3.