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Moved to bit more of a standard neipa grain bill template. Changed to inline oxygenation which seemed to address the big diacetyl problem. Used London Fog and like it. Later had issues with hop creep diacetyl with cal ale style yeast but didn’t have the issue with london fog.

Recipe Info
Recipe: grid_neipa_3v_v1
Style: American IPA 21A BJCP 2015
Date: 03-02-2020

RecipeGuideline MinGuideline Max

Brewery Info
Efficiency: 72 %
Attenuation: 78 %

Mash Info
Weight: 27.0 Lbs
Thickness: 1.25 Qt per Lb
Deadspace: 2.0 G
Strikewater: 10.44 G
Volume: 12.6 G
Temp: 150.0 F

Boil Info
Kettle Gravity: 1.061
Predicted Mash Run-off: 8.01 G
Target Starting Boil Volume: 11.5 G
Boil Duration: 60 min
Evaporation Rate: 1.5 G per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 10.0 G


Weight% by WeightNameYieldSRM
21.000 Lb78.0 %Canada malting pale ale malt80.02.0
2.500 Lb9.0 %Flaked Oats (Briess)70.02.5
2.500 Lb9.0 %malted oats70.02.0
1.000 Lb4.0 %Carapils (Briess)74.01.3


1.0 OzCtz13.960 minsFirst Wort24.0
2.0 Ozsimcoe15.030 minsAroma20.0
2.0 OzMosaic (HBC 369)12.230 minsAroma16.0
2.0 OzCitra13.930 minsAroma18.0
1.0 Ozsimcoe15.07.0 daysDry Hop0.0
1.0 OzMosaic (HBC 369)12.27.0 daysDry Hop0.0
1.0 OzCitra13.97.0 daysDry Hop0.0
1.0 Ozsimcoe15.05.0 daysDry Hop0.0
1.0 OzCitra13.95.0 daysDry Hop0.0
1.0 OzMosaic (HBC 369)12.25.0 daysDry Hop0.0


0.200 LLondon Ale III Wyeast Labs 1318 wlp066 london fog


0.500 tspYeast Nutrient (Wyeast)10 minsBoil

Predicted Mash Ph: 5.52


Water Profile Name: 
Target Profile Name: neipa

Mash Water
Total Water Treated: 37.854 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 10.000 G

Mash Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 2.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 7.0 g
Lactic Acid: 5.0 ml @ 88.000 %

Sparge Water
Leftover Mash Water Used: Yes
Total Water Treated: 6.000 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 6.000 G

Sparge Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 1.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g


Mash 150 for 60 mins
Mashout 168 for 10 mins

Add Fwh during sparge

Pitch at 67 and hold 3 days
Raise to 73 one degree a day
When reaches 1.020 to 1.022 do 3 day dry hop then add second dry hop for 3 days

4/16/20 made a 1L starter of WLP066 london fog with prop-up premade canned starter.
4/17/20 normal 3V brewday. changed to new inline o2 setup. run beer into conical and get to temp i want then oxygenate for 60 sec and pitch. tank screw was leaking but o2 definitely went in but hopefully not low. pitched full starter @ 3pm @ 66F
4/18/20 8am steady bubbling
raised to 67F @ 10am
to 68F @ 6pm
4/19/20 still ripping. big ester smell in the brewery. 8pm starting to slow a little
4/20/20 slow steady bubbling
4/21/20 wow that dropped off fast! no bubbling this morning. will do gravity check later and dry hop. gravity -> 1.028 which is 70% to terminal
dry hopped 1 oz each of simco, mosaic and citra
4/22/20 ~10 sec
4/23/20 no bubbling
4/24/20 dropped cone and added 2nd dose of dry hops
4/25/20 ~7 sec
4/26/20 ~16 sec
4/27/20 dropped cone
4/28/20 ~16 sec
4/29/20 no bubbling. pulled sample 1.020
diacetyl test cold: clean warm: maybe a faint whisper. give it two days and check again to see if gravity dropped and for diacetyle
4/30/20 no bubbling
5/1/20 gravity seems about the same 1.018 -1.020
hard to tell b/c very very hazy
cold – clean
warm – seems clean! big relief!
cold crash for 2 days

5/8/20 compare to wicked weed astronimical

aroma: ww -> hop forward. citrus. apricot. a little vanilla.
mine -> no real citrus. orange/tangerine and mango
ww has a cleaner bolder aroma but mine is OK. ww has a nice dank character that i would like in mine

appearance: ww->straw, low haze
mine -> slightly darker to low gold. hazy
similar mine is slightly darker. mine is hazier. both have nice head

flavor: ww-> clean dry. nice blend of dank, citrus and a little tropical
mine: orange and a really nice tropical note. mango. papaya. softer finish

mouthfeel : ww clean and ry. more west coast
mine -> much softer but a bit of a salt edge. definitely prefer mine

overal: ww is more of a west coast. not soft. more clean and dry. i prefer mine in that aspect. what i like about ww is that dank edge. curious what hop that is

5/31/20. still hazy. really liking this beer. not sure i’d change anything. still tasting fresh