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NEIPA Juicy Bits Clone 3V 1

This is my 2nd beer on the new conical setup so I wanted to take advantage of the sampling port to see when I’m 80% to Final Gravity to do my dry hop NEIPA style and also to be able to cold crash and drop the dry hops before racking to keg so I have zero oxygen exposure.  Weldwerks has been really cool about posting their Juicy Bits recipe.  I’ve had the beer a few times at various beer events and really like it so why not.  I also had a lot of 2 row left from my 50 lb sack so most of the cost for the beer was hops.  Lots and lots of hops.
Recipe Info
Recipe: juicy_bits_3v_1
Style: American IPA 21A BJCP 2015
Date: 09-27-2018

Recipe Guideline Min Guideline Max
OG 1.066 1.056 1.070
FG 1.015 1.008 1.014
Color 4.6 6.0 14.0
ABV 6.8 5.5 7.5
IBU 87.0 40.0 70.0

Brewery Info
Efficiency: 72 %
Attenuation: 78 %
Mash Info
Weight: 25.5 Lbs
Thickness: 1.25 Qt per Lb
Deadspace: 2.0 G
Strikewater: 9.97 G
Volume: 12.01 G
Temp: 149.0 F
Boil Info
Kettle Gravity: 1.058
Predicted Mash Run-off: 7.68 G
Target Starting Boil Volume: 11.5 G
Boil Duration: 60 min
Evaporation Rate: 1.5 G per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 10.0 G

Weight % by Weight Name Yield SRM
20.000 Lb 78.0 % Pale Malt – 2 Row (Cargill) 80.0 2.0
2.000 Lb 8.0 % Flaked Wheat (Briess) 70.0 2.0
2.000 Lb 8.0 % Flaked Oats (Briess) 70.0 2.5
1.500 Lb 6.0 % Carapils (Briess) 74.0 1.3


Weight Name AAU Time Use IBUs
0.3 Oz Citra 13.9 60 mins First Wort 7.0
0.3 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 60 mins First Wort 7.0
0.3 Oz El Dorado 15.0 60 mins First Wort 8.0
0.4 Oz Citra 13.9 40 mins Aroma 4.0
0.4 Oz El Dorado 15.0 40 mins Aroma 5.0
0.4 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 40 mins Aroma 4.0
0.9 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 30 mins Aroma 8.0
0.9 Oz El Dorado 15.0 30 mins Aroma 9.0
0.9 Oz Citra 13.9 30 mins Aroma 9.0
1.2 Oz Citra 13.9 20 mins Aroma 9.0
1.2 Oz El Dorado 15.0 20 mins Aroma 10.0
1.2 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 20 mins Aroma 8.0
0.65 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 8.0 days Dry Hop 0.0
0.65 Oz Citra 13.9 8.0 days Dry Hop 0.0
0.65 Oz El Dorado 15.0 8.0 days Dry Hop 0.0
1.0 Oz El Dorado 15.0 4.0 days Dry Hop 0.0
1.0 Oz Citra 13.9 4.0 days Dry Hop 0.0
1.0 Oz Mosaic (HBC 369) 12.2 4.0 days Dry Hop 0.0


Amount Name
0.200 L London Ale III Wyeast Labs 1318


Amount Name Time Use
0.500 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Wyeast) 10 mins Boil

Predicted Mash Ph: 5.51

Ca Mg Na Cl So Bicarbonate
Water 7 3 21 30 24 30
Mash 70 3 21 119 53 30
Sparge 53 3 21 94 49 30
Final 102 5 34 175 83 48
Target 75 0 0 200 200 0

Target Profile Name: neipa
Mash Water
Total Water Treated: 37.854 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 10.000 G
Mash Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 2.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 7.0 g
Lactic Acid: 5.0 ml @ 88.000 %
Sparge Water
Leftover Mash Water Used: Yes
Total Water Treated: 6.000 G
Percent RO / Distlled: 0 %
Water Used: 6.000 G
Sparge Water Adjustments
Gypsum: 1.0 g
Calcium Chloride: 3.0 g
Mash 149 for 60 mins
Mashout 168 for 10 mins
Add Fwh during sparge -> screwed this up so just did 60 min addition
Pitch at 67 and hold 3 days
Raise to 73 one degree a day
When reaches 1.020 to 1.022 do 8 day dry hop
4 days later add second dry hop
my brew day was delayed due to a hurricane (boooooo) so my starter was 5 days old.  I did 2 packs of WY1318 London ale III in a 1L starter
10/16/18 fairly normal 3V brewery.  2nd time using a conical.  pitched @2:20pm
10/17/18 8am slow steady bubbling
10/19/18 slows steady bubbling.  appears to be almost done.  already at 1.022 so did first dry hop.  fermentation got going again after dry hop.  nothing crazy but it did increase bubbling.
10/20/18 slow steady bubbling.  moved temp up to 68F
10/21/18 slow steady bubbling.  moved up to 69F
10/22/18 no real bubbling.  ~30 sec.  did 2nd dry hop.  did not drop the cone from the first dry hop.  raised temp to 70F.
10/26/18 ~30 sec bubbling which to just be from expanding as temp rises.  did a forced diacetyl test which was negative (pulled two 4oz samples and put Saran Wrap rubber banded on top of each.  heated one in a water bath to 160F for 10 mins.  then smelled and tasted both.  if either are buttery then you have diacetyl or the pre-cursor for diacetyle (AAL I believe) it needs more time warm for it to convert and the yeast to eat it). since I was negative I cold crashed to 35F
10/28/18. dropped yeast from bottom valve and racking arm.  tasting good.  a little hop astringency but not bad.
11/1/18 I dropped the bottom cone and then racking arm but still hops in suspension so will wait to rack to keg.
11/2/18 dropped bottom valve and then racking arm and a little trub/yeast came out but then racking arm running clean so racked to keg without issue.  put in keezer and force carb’d at 30 psi.
11/3/18 put on draft at 38F and 12psi.
11/5/18 nice beer.  don’t have a juicy bits to compare it to sadly.  great aroma and flavor and not very bitter.  if anything bitterness is a bit low for my preferences.  nice and hazy.
11/17/18 finally starting to drop a bit clearer.  still hazy but not quite as murky.  so a full two weeks on draft before it started to clear and still would consider it hazy.
Final thoughts.  I do like this hop combination but I’m not really sold on El Dorado.  I feel like each beer I use it in there is a bit of a gasoline / diesel quality I’m not a huge fan of.  Not bad at all just something I’ve noticed.  I’m definitely not a huge fan of London Ale III.  It has an ester profile I just don’t like.  I noticed in by the Blonde Ale and this beer which makes me think its the yeast and not the hops.  I much prefer very clean Pilsners or West Coast Style IPAs.  It’s not the trend but I like a nice crips clean canvas with some bold hop flavor and aroma layered on top.  But you don’t know till you try :). The hop astringency did totally drop and wasn’t an issue once I racked to keg so it seems that this dry hop process works well.