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Hefeweizen eBIAB 2

NHC run beer number 6 – last one. ¬†And….well…..sometimes things don’t go the way you want ūüôā ¬†The ironic thing is this is the beer I had done the most test batches of. ¬†I had done many experiments. ¬†And with the last time I did this beer I only had one issue – it cleared too quickly. ¬†So, I decided to not use whirlfloc and use a trick i’ve used before – add a tablespoon of flour to the boil to add a long lasting starch haze. ¬†Seemed like a good idea, but after finishing the day out and feeling good I pulled one last sample to take my final pH and gravity reading. ¬†Everything looked good and then i tasted it and it was like licking an ashtray. ¬†My stomach dropped. ¬†I empty my kettle and I could see the element was covered in balls of flour that were completely and totally charred like little briquettes. ¬†It was my first time using the flour trick in an electric kettle and clearly that was a really bad idea. ¬†Well, i guess live and learn. ¬†It is still fermenting as I write this but my heart tells me it is 99% chance of going down the drain.


Recipe Info

Beer Name: hefeweizen_ebiab_2
Style: Weissbier


Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.012
Color: 3.8
Alcohol: 5.3 %
Bitterness: 13.1 IBUs


Efficiency: 70
Attenuation: 77


Mash Fermentable Weight: 12 Pounds
Mash Thickness: 2.0 Quarts per Pound
Grain Temp: 72 F
Strike Water Qty: 8 Gallons
Mash Volume: 8.96 Gallons
Strike Water Temp: 119 F
Mash Temp: 113 F


Kettle Gravity (start of boil): 1.043
Predicted Mash Run-off Volume: 6.92
Target Starting Boil Volume: 7.25
Boil Duration: 60 Minutes
Evaporation Rate: 1.25 Gallons per Hour
Final Boil Volume: 6


Weight (Lbs) % by Weight Name Yield SRM
5.5 45.8 Best Malz Pilsner 80.0 1.8
6.5 54.2 Canada Malting White Wheat 82.0 2.0


Weight (ozs) Name AAU Time (mins) Use IBUs / Addition
1 Tettnang Pellets 3.9 60 Boil 13.1

Yeast and Friends

Amount (Milliters) Name
1 pouch Wyeast Labs 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen


Amount Name Time
1/2 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Wyeast) 10
1 tablespoon flour 10


113F ferulic acid rest for 15 mins
126 protein rest 10 mins
146F 20 mins
158F 20 mins
168F 10 mins
Pitch @ 64F and hold for 1 week then raise to 68F for 1 week
Bottle Carbonation target 3.25 volumes
Salt and Acid adjustments:
Mash Salts:
Calcium Chloride: 7.0 gram
Mash Acid:
Lactic Acid: 4.0 ml @ 88 %
Predicted Mash pH of: 5.48
Mash Ions (ppm):
Ca: 70.0 Mg: 3.0 Na: 21.0 Cl: 122.5 So: 24.0
Boil Ions (ppm):
Ca: 70.0 Mg: 3.0 Na: 21.0 Cl: 122.5 So: 24.0
Liquid Yeast Pitch – Stirplate Starter
First Starter
Quantity of Yeast: 1 vials / pouches (100B cells per)
Quantity of DME: 49 grams
Starter Size: 0.5 liters
ONLY PITCH 60% or 300 mL
1-30-16 made 0.6L starter w/ 50g of wheat DME
2-1-16 normal brew day but it appears that the flour i added scorched on the element and the wort has a burnt / ashtray flavor.  not promising at all and likely going down the drain.
2-2-16 1″ kreusen and fermetning strongly
that night i realized i had set the fermenter at 68F instead of the 64F I intended.  wow!  this beer is destined for failure on many, many levels!  duh!!!!!!!
2-6-16 no more bubbling
2-17-16 pulled sample. ¬†FG 1.016 pH 4.29. ¬†very smokey, ashy and super gross ūüôĀ ¬†it’s been a while since i’ve dumped a beer. ¬†tears. ¬†many tears.